June 24, 2017

Vintage-Inspired Multi-Strand Necklace


This necklace started out as an idea to use up leftover beads, and the design was inspired by a vintage necklace I saw a character wear in a Hallmark Channel mystery movie.

(Actress Sarah Strange in one of the Garage Sale Mystery movies from the
Hallmark Channel, wearing the inspiration necklace for the piece I created.)
My original plan had been to use up the many leftover silver and black beads I had from my New Years Eve necklace and earrings set, but of course as I laid out my design and things evolved I couldn't find just exactly the beads I wanted from my stash, so naturally I had to buy some new beads. So much for my plan to try and use up some of my overflowing bead collection!

I think the silver luster glass, antique brass and rhinestone spacers, and crystal bars really give this necklace a vintage feel, even if none of the beads are from a bygone era.

I created the crystal 'bars' by stinging together graduated sizes of icicle-shaped glass crystal beads and wire-wrapping them snugly together to hold their straight shape.

The silver luster glass beads add an elegant sparkle, and when paired with the antique brass and rhinestone spacers definitely have an old-world feel.

In the interest of not buying even more new supplies and trying to use up what I had on hand, I created a couple of simple wire connector elements for the sides. These look much too modern for the vintage vibe I wanted, so I tried to help them mesh with the design a little better by embellishing them with small silver luster glass rondelles.

The chain and toggle clasp are handmade as well, and I kept the decoration on the toggle simple to better tie in with the side connector elements. As usual I used German style wire for all of the findings, chain and wrapped components.

This necklace was difficult to photograph because of the contrast between the clear crystals, the shiny silver, and the opaque black beads. And I don't think any photograph can accurately capture the level of sparkle this necklace brings when the light hits it.

The design for this piece was meant to be simple and striking, rather than one of the crazy colorful and detailed mega-pieces I usually make, and it was nice to give my fingers a little break. I'm fairly happy with how it turned out--I think this necklace is simple enough for daytime work wear, and yet definitely fancy enough for an evening out. 

What do you think, do you get a vintage vibe from this necklace? How would you wear it? I'd love to know!

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May 30, 2017

'Greenery Glam' Necklace and Earrings Set: May Pretty Palette Challenge

This month's Pretty Palette Challenge from Halcraft focused on the Pantone color of the year: Greenery. Below are the inspiration and color palette images from this month's challenge (from the Halcraft blog):

(Click here to visit the Pretty Palette Challenge.)
(Click here to visit the Pretty Palette Challenge.)
I chose to use the following mix of beads within the color palette for my design:

The pyrite, large aventurine, and small dark green tourmaline beads are from Hobby Lobby; the pale green faceted prehnite beads are a long-ago purchase from Fusion Beads in Seattle; and the small green quartzite, medium green aventurine, white quartzite, nebula glass, clear crystals, and silver luster glass beads are all Halcraft beads from Michael's.

I stuck to my usual wire-wrapping techniques this time, although I confess the end product is not the design I originally had planned. My original idea involved one single strand of smaller diamond-shaped focals and more emphasis on the upper part of the necklace, but because of the large size of the focal beads around which I planned the frames, the wire elements ended up being huuuuge, so I fell back on a previous design I've used several times (see most all of my prior Pretty Palette submissions...many of them [unintentionally] have a similar design/layout).

The basic forms I wrapped together to form the large diamond focal elements.
The wire form completed for one of the diamond focals.
Wire forms to be used for earrings and side connectors in the necklace.
I added beads in ombre shades of green to the diamond-shaped focal elements to try to give them a rich, jewel-like feel. Between the shape of the frames and the shades of green I hope I also managed to reflect a bit of the look of succulents as seen in the inspiration photo. [The frames were all created using the same technique as in this necklace. I embellished them using the same technique as in this necklace.]

I added white quartzite beads in between the focal elements to make the green really pop. (Also, you might notice in later photos that I eventually changed out the large, duller green aventurine center beads in these earlier photos for richer-colored bright green stones.)

I also wanted to continue to reflect the earthy inspiration image (the beautiful succulent plants in the photo above) in this necklace's structure, so I decided to use these slightly industrial, earthy pyrite beads to create the upper part of the necklace. I love this pyrite-meets-emeralds earthy-glam pairing! I don't think photos do these beautiful beads justice. Pyrite is really hard to photograph.

You can see the new green focal stones here. These are Halcraft beads as well.
Besides the three focal elements the side connectors and toggle clasp are all handmade as well, and embellished with clear crystals and silver luster glass to imitate the metallic shine of the pyrite.

Overall I'm happy with how this necklace turned out. It's too similar in style to a few of my recent pieces for my liking, but the earthy-glam pairing makes it a little different and really gives it a contemporary edge.

I made a couple extra wire frames to create a matching pair of earrings, and I wanted something a little different than the obvious chandeliers. I wanted something that felt glamorous enough to reflect the emerald-feel of the bejeweled necklace focals, and I think I managed to achieve at least 'unique', if not the glamour befitting emeralds.

These earrings were probably the hardest part of this entire set to create--getting them to hang at the same angle was close to impossible! Luckily, when worn they won't hang right next to each other and the slight difference in the angle of the frames won't even be noticeable.

And that wraps up another Pretty Palette challenge. Maybe one of these days I'll figure out how to do some photographic justice to these beautiful beads and not just how to wire-wrap them.

How do you like the pairing of the pyrite with the sparkling green jewels? What do you think of the unique earring orientation? I'd love to know!

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May 3, 2017

Gypsy Fringe Earrings

Most of the jewelry I post here on the blog falls into the 'statement necklace' category, and in fact, that's what I've focused most on creating the past two or three years. Maybe because that's the direction commercial fads have been trending? However, truth be told (and if you've followed my blog from the beginning you already know), I am an earring girl at heart. I LOVE a big earring. Pretty much the bolder the better, in my book. I can't get enough of them. Especially with lots of metal and fringe and details. And now that I've grown my hair out again (to my shoulders, anyway) after keeping it pixie-short for two or three years, I can finally pull off a big earring again. YES.

These earrings were inspired by another pair I made a few years back, but these are bigger and bolder. The chandelier frames are made of copper-colored German style wire, and I just used a small bottle to shape the curve and some round pliers to create the looped portion along the bottom. (Obviously I ended up switching out the beads in the photo below, but you get an idea of how the frames were put together.)

With these earrings I wanted to experiment with adding a few unexpected details to bring a little extra excitement to the fairly basic design. I added some copper colored beads along both the top and bottom frames for a little extra pizzazz.

I added a bit of color with a delicate chain of tiny blue agate beads accenting the chandelier window.

I also tried to add a little extra bling with some tiny crystals at the bottom of each fringe dangle. The fringe dangles themselves are made of copper-colored glass bugle beads strung on ball head pins.

I added a center dangle of rock crystal and nebula glass for some big sparkle, and boom--simple earrings that make a big impact.

I just love these earrings and I can't wait to make more. They have presence, sparkle, and movement, and they fit perfectly into the boho/gypsy fashion trend that is so popular right now. They're the perfect statement earrings!

How do you feel about big earrings, yea or nay? What details would you add to future pairs? I'd love to know.

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